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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Collaborating with the Enemy book

I just came to read this book and since I did this blog initially to remind myself about technical things or art references online and also, share them along the way, I though it will be a good idea to share this.

Adam Kahane, the author, is a International consultan on complex negociations... When I mean complex, it means to  reunite war enemies because, war and internationsl confilcts at some point need to be solved by negociations after years of brutality, wasting resources, etc. So, these are the level of complexity this book talk about.

Now, to my every day reality, and I hope that for you too, these are not the issues we need to solve but still, we need to collaborate with people that sometimes have different agendas, cultures, don't care about what you need or they are defensive because when you need to solve something, it affect them.

Conflict is part of collaboration and this took me years to embrace it. But the way it need to be solved it's what make a difference and I have seen this from the Leader point of view and also as part of the team that need to follow the Lead. I have had great and awful leads and directors and all of them gave me a lesson... But, who want to be that awful Leader? I guess nobody, but still you found them because it is not easy.

Also, what a Leader is, at least in a creative enviroment has a lot in collaboration and a difficult balance between freedom and specific direction.

I cannot descirbe the book in details due rights of course but I will share one video I found from the author:

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Intro of Warhammer Vermintide II

Image result for warhammer vermintide ii

Hello guys ! I would love to share this MAKING OF where I collaborate as a character animator
It was a blast to share credits with this wonderful artist.

You can find all details about the whole process HERE  from the conception, the references videos, etc. Take a look :-D


Hola colegas ! Es un placer compartirles el MAKING OF del Intro de Vermintide 2 donde colaboré como Animador de personajes
Fue una gran experiencia el poder compartir creditos con tan talentosos artistas.

Puedes encontrar todos los detalles sobre el proceso de realisación AQUI, desde la concepción, las referencias, videos, etc. Dale una mirada !

Saturday, February 10, 2018

THE STAR behind the scenes


A insight of the last production I collaborate at Cinesite. The time we had to finish the movie was really short but the talent behind came from everywhere in the world. It was a very pleasant experience.

I will soon upload my shots I did on this feature film.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Another Movie released

Yesterday, the crew saw the premier of the film. It was a nice surprice, Once again, a great challenge with the time we had but another good project full of lessons. It was great to work with veterans from the industry (Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, etc.) and talented colleagues from all parts of the world.

As soon the movie is available on Blue Ray I will share the shots I did.
2d animation was once again a great help on certain shots.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Monster High and the Poses Training

''Monster High Electrified'' was lately released and I worked on this project as animator. Here's a small collage on some of the shots I worked on.

This was a direct to DVD project which means that presents a very ''pose base'' animation on the place of a fluid, detailed Pixar-Disney like feature. 

Anyhow, it was a great trainer because the animation was related on clear poses and timing as well as time-management because the quota was greater that could be for a feature film. It was interesting as animator and without doubt, it helped me on my time management and agility to came on with interesting and clear poses in a fast pace production.

It was also relatively easy to achieve appealing poses due the cute design models and the render which was well done.. it really feels like a mix of feature film and ''dolls'' feeling.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, September 5, 2016

Today starts the Cracké shortclips at Teletoon I worked last year at Squeeze Studios :-)
Was like animators heaven to me, super fun to do

You can search for Cracked Crazy Stories at Android and Itunes to see them online

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Conference at EGS // Conferencia en el EGS


Buenas noticias! Me invitaron al panel el 7 de Mayo en el EGS de Guadalajara, México !
Ahi nos vemos !  (soy el hombre palido, bronceado de oficina a la derecha)

El EGS es el evento de videjuegos mas grande de latinoamerica 


Good news, I was invited the May 7th to EGS in Guadalajara, Mexico to give a conference and be part of a great panel  
(I'm the one at the right with the ghostly tan)

The EGS is bigger videogame event in Latino-America


Collaborating with the Enemy book

I just came to read this book and since I did this blog initially to remind myself about technical things or art references online and al...